Featuring Photographer: Brianna Lynn


I was so honored to have had the opportunity to have a mini interview with the one and only Brianna Lynn. An up-and-coming LA based fashion photographer/model whose style is hard to resist. Check out my interview with her as well as her social networks where she can be reached at.

Lola Coppola: Who are you?

Brianna Lynn: I’m your Little Wild Child. Also known as Brianna Lynn.

LC: What do you do?

BL: I’m a fashion photographer based around LA & a part time model for my fashion designer friends/clients from all around.

LC: Is photography something you knew you always wanted to do or is it a “recent” hobby?

BL: To be quite honest, photography was just a hobby for me since I was about seven years old. It wasn’t till after high school I realized it was my passion to fulfill.

LC: What are your aspirations for your near future?

BL: I’ve always dreamed of working in New York. Photographing for Nylon magazine or my favorite fashion designer Marc Jacobs. I plan to accomplish that. All or nothing. I’m going for it.

LC: Enough, with the serious questions! Let’s get started on some girl talk. Does Brianna Lynn have a man?

BL: LOL, yes I have a boyfriend.

LC: If I was to scrummage through your ipod, what are the top five songs you’ve really been into lately?

BL: 1. Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris Ft. Florence Welch
2. Scream & Shout by Will.I.Am Ft. Britney Spears
3. Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex Ft. Damian Marley
4. Decisions by Borgore Ft. Miley Cyrus
5. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
& 6. Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe by Kendrick Lamar 😛

LC: Okay, how about fashion wise? If you could pick one designer who influences your photography a lot…who would it be? And what is your fashion pet peeve?

BL: Honestly, it’s between Marc Jacobs & Wildfox Couture; but if I had to go with one, it would have to be Marc Jacobs. My fashion pet peeve. The wanna-be “hipster” look. The Levi shorts, fake glasses, an urban outfitter plaid & vans.

LC: And last but not least, what can we expect to see from you in the next ten years?

BL: I’m not sure, but you will all have to wait & see. After all, I am a Little Wild Child. Anything is bound to happen! 😉

To check out more of the lovely Little Wild Child, be sure to follow her Facebook as well as her Instagram for updates on her photography, life and behind the scene sneak peeks!

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